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Our advice
  • If you are aged over 18 and don’t have a will, make one.
  • Use me to draw up the will and attend you on signing it.
  • Make sure your will is written in clear language and you fully understand it. If it is in legalese and I have to translate it for you, your intentions may not be clear.
  • Before you appoint a friend or family member as your executor, think about whether they will outlive you and whether they have the skills and ability to do the job. Before you appoint a professional as your executor, find out how much they will charge.
  • Update your will every time there is a significant change in your life.
  • Keep everyone informed. Discuss your will with the person you want to appoint as executor and with your main beneficiaries, so everyone understands the situation.
  • Keep your will in a safe place and make sure your executor knows where that is. I provide a free service to hold wills for clients.
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