My immigration law experience

I have specialised in immigration matters for years, building on my litigation and corporate experience. See above. Immigration work is second only to conveyancing services most weeks.

I only deal with immigration into New Zealand. I offer clients a comprehensive personal service dealing with all types of applications to Immigration New Zealand, whether you are intending to become a student, or under a limited purpose permit/visa or to work here or for permanent residence.

I also attend to business permits and visas, investor permits/visas, assist employers with recruitment of overseas staff and under the accredited employer policy.

How do I start?

STEP ONE: LOOK AT THE NZI WEBSITE. Have a good look at the Immigration New Zealand website. It is www.immigration.govt.nz

STEP TWO: PLEASE CONTACT ME. You can email or phone me. Please tell me briefly what you need.

What kind of permit is it that you think you need?
For students: If you are a student, are there any particular matters you want me to attend to that you feel you cannot attend to yourself online? Are there complications?
Work permit through employment:If you intend to work in New Zealand, do you have a firm job offer yet? Will your employer be prepared to sponsor you?
Open work permit on partnership grounds:If you have a partner who is a New Zealand resident or citizen how long have you actually lived together?
Permanent residence: Under what category do you think you qualify? Skilled migrant, work to residence, or partnership grounds.

Tell me a little about your background, including your qualifications and your work experience. If you have a Curriculum Vitae please send it.
Is there only you in the application or are there others you wish to bring to New Zealand such as family members.
Do you have a clean Police record? I Police clearance certificate will be required with your application.
Are you in good health? A medical certificate will be required with your application.

I also assist employers bringing new employees to New Zealand, from practical advice with advertising and initial selection, to assessment of the successful candidate, the employment contract, sponsorship and the work permit.

STEP THREE: I WILL PROVIDE A WRITTEN ASSESSMENT: I will promptly provide you with a written assessment of your immigration matter a "free no obligation" basis.

It will cover your situation as I see it and the steps to be taken to take the matter forward with New Zealand Immigration if that is what we decide to do. If we decide that an application should not be made at this time, I will provide you with the reasons and sufficient information to enable you to decide what to do next.

I will provide you with all forms without charge and any preliminary comment required in connection with NZ Immigration policy.

I will then send to you a letter of engagement for immigration services together with a either an hourly fee or a firm quotation for the services to be provided. You sign and return a copy of the form to me.

I then work with you to prepare and file your application.

Fees are then to be paid by you into your trust account with me. It is a client account, to be drawn down on into our office account only when the application and all supporting papers are ready for filing or an account for work in process is sent to you. If you have paid on a fixed fee basis, the fee paid will cover all further attendances by me from the date of filing until the Immigration New Zealand decision is issued and forwarded to you.

If you are based in Wellington, then all attendances between us will generally be in person, except for phone calls, letters and emails.

How do you know whether your application will be successful or not?

I am often asked this question. Naturally you do not want to waste money on an application that stands no chance of success.

The decision is in the hands of capable Immigration Officers who assess your application. It is my job to make sure that if you are proceeding, your case is presented fully, and in the best manner we can. All the required information should be presented at the time the application is filed. We should only be updating existing information and answering any questions the Case Manager at NZI put to us. We must be aware of immigration law and policy and how these matters apply to your case.

I cannot give you any "guarantee" that your application will succeed. But please be assured that I will not "take on" your application at the outset at all, unless I believe you have a reasonable chance of success. It would be a waste of your money and the time of both of us would have to put into the matter. If however, the matter is underway, and I am merely assisting you or another consultant o r taking the matter over from that consultant for you, then different considerations apply. The decision has already been made to proceed and my role is to help you to complete the presentation of your application to NZ Immigration.

If your application for residence is unsuccessful, then you may have a right of appeal. I can and do take appeals where there are sufficient grounds. Alternatively, you have the right to "apply again later"on most permit applications, if your situation changes.

I am a practising member in good standing of the New Zealand
Law Society. I am subject to the professional standards laid down
by my membership of the Society and of the profession. An Annual
renewal certificate is required to retain membership in good standing each year.

I also hold annual professional indemnity insurance cover which exceeds the minimum requirements of the New Zealand Law Society. This is for the protection of both my clients and me.