I am Brian Geary, a senior lawyer based in Wellington, New Zealand. My law office is in Lambton Quay, the main street in Central Wellington, within sight of the Capital's famous "Beehive" where our Parliament sits.

I left school in 1960 and joined the Magistrates (now District) Court. I then attended Otago University, Dunedin and graduated as a solicitor in 1971, married and moved to my first job as a Court lawyer in Timaru. I completed my studies as a barrister in 1973.

I moved to Levin just north of Wellington and was a litigation partner until 1981. By then we had 3 children.

Wellington's attractions drew us here. I joined the NZ Government's Accident Compensation and became a Regional Solicitor. I was a Hearing Officer and Legal Counsel attending to ACC matters for 5 years. I completed a Diploma of Business Administration part-time at Victoria University, Wellington, followed by a Diploma in Corporate Management. I was President of the Corporate Lawyer's Association for 3 years. I joined the Government's Coal Corporation (now Solid Energy) as Company Secretary and Legal Counsel and then Capital Coast Health (now Capital & Coast District Health Board) in the same role. That took my career to 1994-95.

So, after 10 years in private practise, then 14 years in the corporate quasi- government sector, I returned to private practise as a sole practitioner. I have operated my own law firm ever since.

By 2010, I will have completed 39 years in the law field, 25 years of which have been in private practise, serving my clients to the best of my ability. It has been a "great ride" and it is not over yet. "The Law" is a wonderful profession, a calling, and an opportunity for me each day to serve others who come to me for help. I hope that my knowledge and experience can assist you.

I am a practising member in good standing of the New Zealand Law Society, the Property Law Section of the Society and an Associate Member of the Auckland District Law Society. I am subject to the professional standards laid down by my membership of these societies and of the profession. Annual renewal certificates are required to retain membership in good standing each year.

I also hold annual professional indemnity insurance cover which exceeds the minimum requirements of the New Zealand Law Society. This is for the protection of both my clients and me.

What happens if I need more services?

While I work as a barrister and solicitor in sole practise and have years of knowledge and experience, sometimes you need more help than I can give within my small "boutique" specialised practise. When that happens, I will work in collaboration with specialists in other law and accountancy firms, family trust companies and overseas immigration firms to bring to you the skill sets you may require. I have the contacts to make that happen if you need it.

I adopt a consultative and collaborative approach to providing you with the services you need. Most times the services are available from our firm, but where they are not I will make sure you get the help you need.